Tree Surgeons Costs in 2021

What are tree surgeons costs in 2021? Perhaps you have a tree in your garden with dead branches that seem unstable and likely to break off causing potential damage to nearby property and people. Or maybe a tree is too close to your home and its roots are the source of possible subsidence. In such and many other scenarios where a tree is posing a safety risk, you might be best engaging the services of a professional, approved and experienced tree surgeon with great knowledge of tree types, like Top Tree Surgeons Bristol. As a guide, how much do tree surgeons charge?

What is Professional Tree Surgery?

Firstly, it might be useful to quickly clarify what tree surgeons do. Tree surgeons professionally care for and maintain all types of trees. They perform tree removal, tree planting, pruning, stump grinding and produce tree surveys as their primary services. Before engaging them, make sure as the customer, you are provided with the necessary certificates and insurance to cover the type of tree work that needs to be undertaken and the safety of the people working on your property. Finally seek assurances that all works will be carried out in accordance with BS3998, the British Standard for Tree Work.

Most Common Tree Surgery Qualifications

Tree Surgeons are typically experienced and at the very least earned NPTC qualifications in felling small, medium and large trees (City & Guilds NPTC CS31, CS301). In order to complete such tasks from ground level, they should also hold further certificates in chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting (City & Guilds NPTC CS30). If a tree surgeon confirms that the work will require them to climb or perform some form of aerial work, then ask that they produce their certificates in aerial dismantling (City & Guilds NPTC CS309) to prove their competence. Further, they will need to have completed health and safety training. Some additional certificates are required for stump grinding for instance.

Factors That Influence Tree Surgery Costs:

So how much should you expect to pay for such services? The costs provided here are the average across the UK. In some areas like London, the cost will be much greater than areas in the Midlands for instance. An accurate estimate of the costs in a comprehensive quote will take into account all these important factors:

Type of Tree Surgery Services

Simpler jobs like pruning a small tree from the ground will be less expensive than more complicated work. Removing a larger tree size such as an oak tree in a confined space with close proximity to neighbouring structures and nearby trees will be more expensive. During our initial site survey, we’ll look at the types of trees, tree species, width of the crown, diameter of the tree trunks and the tree height and reflect that in our detailed written quotation. Generally, the more complex the work, the more likely heavy equipment, the use of ropes, aerial work and more personnel will be required to carry out the job professionally and safely. It’s also worth bearing in mind that doing work on a number of trees or carrying out various types of tree work at the same time will typically earn you a discount!

Ease of Access

Diseased trees that are in a confined spot, on the property boundary or in a back garden without side entrance will typically add more to the cost. Tree work creates a lot of debris and is often messy requiring a good clean up afterwards. Further, heavy machinery is usually required to fell and safely lower large tree limbs to avoid structures and power lines. Being able to wield such large specialist equipment usually takes longer and oftentimes requires more tree surgeons on site. So this will naturally add to the cost.

Length of Time for Completon

Some jobs require a few hours of work by one experienced operative. Others might take two to three days, involving a small team of up to three specialists. The longer a job takes and the more arborists are needed on site, the more expensive the cost.

Tree Debris Disposal

If you are planning on removing a tree, there will be a lot of debris such as branches, leaves, trunks and you might even require tree stump removal. Tree surgery services contractors typically charge for shredding and taking away such wood waste in addition to the tree removal cost. Note that you might want to hold on to any leftover wood chippings for your own use.

Average Tree Surgeon Costs

Depending on their pricing policy and the type of work, a tree service company might charge you per hour, provide a fixed priced quote with everything included or ask for a day rate. The average hourly rate for a tree surgeon is between £30 to £50 per hour. The average cost for tree work for a UK household is generally between £350 – £450. Here is a short summary of a wide range of tree surgery services and the average prices that you can expect to pay.

Average Cost To Cut Down a Tree

Tree felling, removal or cutting is usually because a tree is diseased, showing signs of decay or has cracks in its trunk which are likely to result in damage if not carefully and safely removed. It might require additional equipment such as a cherry picker to lower the branches to the drop zone below. For trees that are up to 50ft, it can set you back on average around £300 to £400 per tree depending on how many feet tall the tree is. For much larger trees that are over 50ft tall, prices could be from £750 to over £1000. If you are felling a healthy tree that has not been weakened by illness but destroyed by a storm or lightning, your insurance company might compensate you for any damage and tree removal costs. So, it’s worth checking with them. Before cutting a tree, check also with your local Council that there isn’t a Tree Preservation Order placed on it. Some trees are protected because they are considered as having high ‘amenity’ or contribute to the local biodiversity. Failing to obtain the necessary permission can result in a fine of up to £20,000.

Average Cost Of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming involves crown reduction and crown thinning. You might have an overgrown tree that is not letting adequate light into your garden. You might want to maintain a healthy tree and stimulate growth through crown thinning and crown shaping. Tree trimming or tree pruning as it’s also referred to also protects a tree from strong winds by allowing wind to filter through the tree branches unobstructed. In such instances, you might need a tree arborist to selectively trim or prune a few of the branches to reduce the crown or remove a branch that has disease. Average cost for tree trimming is between £150 to £400 per tree.

Tree Stump Removal Cost

Once a tree has been removed from your garden, you might also require professional tree stump removal and grinding so that you are able to use the garden space for another project. For this, expect to pay around £150 to get rid of the wood, on top of the cost of removing the tree. Some people think to hire a stump grinder for around £80 per day to save money. We strongly advise against trying to operate such a dangerous tool on your own. Only our operatives with the certification for operating one actually carry out such work. Tree work is a dangerous and skilled profession.

Hedge Trimming Cost

Instead of taking a hedge trimmer to it, it might be best to get your hedges trimmed by a professional tree surgeon depending on how professional a result you require. The type of shape in way of an end result will determine how much you ultimately pay. Prices are charged at around £40 per hour.

Tree Survey Cost

A tree survey is typically required for ecology and wildlife, risk assessment, or planning permission prior to development of a private or public outdoor space. They should be drafted in accordance with BS5837 regulations and to satisfy the local planning authority requirements. The survey contains a huge amount of information on the trees on a piece of land, including details of the types of trees, species, diameter and height, life expectancy and state of their health. It helps inform which trees should be retained and which can be cut down. The price you pay is dependent on the site that is being surveyed. For a site that has less than a hundred trees, expect to pay around the £450 as a starting point.

Disposal Cost of Tree Waste

Some tree service contractors will include the cost of waste disposal as part of their overall quote. Priced separately, it will cost from £75 – £150 depending on the size of the initial work and consequent waste material produced. Alternatively, you can check with your local Council to see whether it is possible to reduce your outlay by getting them to dispose of it instead.

Wood Chipper Hire

If you would like the limbs of a tree to be chipped in preparation for removal off site or for your own use, expect to pay a daily rate of around £150 or £450 per week to hire this power tool.

Final Recommendations

We recommend that a customer always checks that the tree surgery company they wish to hire has the relevant qualifications for the work that needs carrying out. Ensure they have the right public liability and employers’ liability insurance cover to carry out the job or you might find that you have no recourse should the job go wrong on your property. As you can see, there aren’t any typical prices. Tree surgeon costs vary between companies and across the country. Get at least 3 real quotes from different companies including Top Tree Surgeons. Request references and follow up on them. We are not cheap but offer competitive prices.

For tree stump removal, tree felling of all types of trees, tree trimming, hedge trimming, or any other tree surgery project please contact a member of our team of tree specialists for a no-obligation quote. For convenience, our quotes always include a waste removal charge unless you’d like to dispose of it yourself.


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