Tree Removal Bristol

Reasons to Remove a Tree in Bristol

Whilst we understand the benefits of trees for the planet as well as our well being, there are lots of reasons why it is sometimes essential to engage our Bristol tree removal team to fell or cut a tree. If a tree has come to be unhealthy or diseased, it might be a hazard that calls for it being taken down. This is sometimes the most dangerous type of tree work. Sometimes trees also end up being a threat if they lean way too near power lines, streets, railway tracks, or buildings. Thunderstorms or high winds can also destroy branches resulting in an unstable tree that is prone to mechanical stressors that could topple it. If a tree is way too near a residential property, the root systems may inevitably have a bearing on the underpinnings or cause subsidence. Or it may be that an all new structure is being planned, and room is required for construction, or that you simply would like to introduce more sunlight into your property.

If you would like the leading tree removal service in Bristol to get rid of a big or a small tree, our NPTC-qualified tree service team are happy to provide you with a detailed assessment and quote that matches your requirements. We provide reliable and responsible tree removal and felling assistance whether it is a tree with a lot of space around it or one in a confined or restricted location. We conduct a full risk assessment prior to undertaking any tree work. We follow all health and safety guidelines as prescribed by the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group and complete all works to British Standards BS3998.

Safe and Professional Tree Cutting in Bristol

Our tree removal company will strive to ensure that your tree is cut down carefully, as well as that it lands in the most suitable drop zone, staying clear of structures and obstructions close by. The safety and security of this procedure needs professional knowledge and also experience, paired with the right practices and machinery. When felling or cutting a tree, there are also points to consider, for example, neighbouring streets, overhead cables, and public accessibility. Protruding branches also need to be removed with caution, particularly if they are projecting over a public space and might call for road or path closures. Our tree cutting technicians, in addition, think about nature conservation whilst executing the work. For example, minding other trees, plants and wildlife that might be affected by the felling. 
The site, elevation, dimension, as well as variety of the tree will influence how long the job takes. Some tree species and varieties are easier to deal with than others. 

Techniques For Safely Removing a Tree in Bristol

There are a few common methods for ensuring the safe and effective removal of a complete tree. 

Rigging and Technical Dismantlement

The most widespread method is for our tree removal expert to climb up the tree using a rope and harness. They then cut the tree into manageable and manoeuvrable sections of timber that can be safely lowered onto the available drop space below. In confined spaces with proximity to structures or property that could get damaged in the process, our Bristol tree cutting team will also employ pulleys and friction devices to gain more control when hoisting the tree limbs to the ground. In the business, we call this process aerial rigging and the overall technique of being off the ground when cutting a tree is referred to as technical dismantlement.

tree surgeon on a crane felling a tree in Bristol

Tree Removal With a Crane

Sometimes our tree cutting team encounter a tree that is too unsafe or unstable to climb. In such instances, we adopt a crane or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs), also known as cherry pickers. Again, the tree will be cut in sections and the limbs lowered safely to a drop zone below. 

Tree Felling

Tree felling is when a tree is cut whilst the arborist is on ground level. Although a cheaper alternative, it requires very careful as well as very specific planning. Admittedly, we do not typically employ this technique due to the lack of adequate space within a typical urban garden which usually comes with the potential risk of damage to property and injury to persons. This technique is best used in forests or large parks. 

What Happens After Your Tree is Cut

We typically cut trees as low to the ground as possible. Once cut, the tree limbs are turned into wood chip by running them through a wood chipper machine. Nothing is wasted as all the tree cutting waste and wood chips are taken off site and recycled. We also offer a stump grinding and removal service when you need the stump and root system completely removed as well. Finally, we ensure your property is left in a clean and tidy state when the job is done. 

Our tree cutting specialists offer an approved and safe tree removal service backed by insurance. We in addition have proficiency in clearing away trees in all kinds of circumstances and weather, including with the use of cranes. Our solution consists of a full location inspection and also hazard assessment to identify the fastest, safest, and also effective way to remove a tree. If you need an emergency tree removal solution, our NPTC-qualified tree experts will act quickly to reduce disruption while guaranteeing that safety remains the main priority.

Contact our professional tree surgeons for the most reliable tree solution. We provide free complimentary site advice and can also deliver a no-obligation quote within 24 hours.