Tree Planting Bristol

“Trees are essential to the future of the planet.”
Sir David Attenborough

What Are the Positive Aspects of Planting a Tree?

Looking to plant trees in Bristol? Great because there are a great number of benefits to planting trees. Trees are habitats. They ensure homes for birds, insects and other wildlife. One oak tree can be the normal home for thousands of bugs, birds as well as lichen varieties, while in addition supplying them with food.

Among one of the most impressive benefits of trees is their fantastic ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. They have a really favourable effect on air pollution. One tree is capable of soaking up 150kg of co2 a year! Trees, in addition, purify airborne pollutants and fine air particles. Studies have actually revealed that this filtering capability cuts health costs by $7 billion dollars in the US annually. Not only are trees capable of considerably minimising air pollution directly, but they even do so indirectly, by altering human energy consumption. Trees can cool urban areas down by between 2 ° C and 8 ° C. This can reduce AC usage by a mammoth 30% as well as lower heating energy by 20-50% if there are trees grown near buildings!

We currently appreciate that the closer you can live to trees, the far better off you are. It’s also been revealed that trees decrease flooding risk by as much as 20%, which is substantial. Just one big tree can hinder almost 1,400 gallons of water in just one year. Trees can even boost the worth of your residential or commercial property by 20%. It is generally recognised that expensive neighbourhoods are the leafiest. In more tree-filled local areas, people go outside more, learn more about their neighbours, and have less anxiety and clinical depression. People are even much less violent and less worn down in leafier regions.

The planet’s city communities are expanding, which makes all of it the more crucial for trees to be strongly taken into consideration in the design and growth of our cities.


Thinking About Growing a Tree?

Our tree surgeons are experienced at helping you to select the right tree(s) for the size as well as location of your home. We want your trees to flourish where they grow. Planting a tree takes proper care and reflection. Unskilled growing can cause costly disappointment. Our experienced team have decades of practical knowledge of planting trees as well as hedges, having come to the aid of many domestic as well as commercial homeowners in your area of Bristol. 

We can help you make a decision on the right location in your home in order to steer clear of underground wires and services. We will also support you in selecting the most suitable trees to plant that can thrive in your garden. We can source you premium specimens that are disease free, that will not outgrow your space and have a healthy trunk and root system as well. Many of our customers typically find choosing the right healthy specimens the most challenging aspect. Once a tree is established and growing for a while, depending on the species, it generally takes very little to look after them. They can typically look after themselves with little maintenance. Our expert tree service team will go further to ensure you receive the best maintenance and aftercare suggestions to ensure ongoing stability, good health and growth of your tree(s).

I needed 5 trees trimmed and Top Tree visited and provided me with a very reasonable quote. The job was done well and they tidied up my garden afterwards. Faultless result and customer service throughout.
Michelle Phillips
I called Top Tree to reduce the height of a lime tree in my garden. They quoted me a decent price and got the necessary permissions from the Council. They did a professional and tidy job. I'd happily use them again.
Rob Archer

Contact our professional tree surgeons for the most reliable tree solution. We provide free complimentary site advice and can also deliver a no-obligation quote within 24 hours.