Hedge Trimming Bristol

Hedge Cutting in Bristol

Looking to have your hedges cut in Bristol? Hedges are fantastic shelters. They can provide a home for animals in your garden while shielding your back garden from wind and noise, and even prying eyes. A great hedge is formed of many diverse species that come into leaf, blossom, as well as fruit at varying times. This allows for a gorgeous ranging spectacle year-round, while in addition, supporting a bountiful wildlife environment. Even a single-specied hedge delivers a lovely, natural obstacle and also wildlife habitat.

It is important to keep your hedges healthy, balanced and well-maintained. This minimises the threat of illness as well as solidifying the structural stability of your boundary. We enjoy supporting our customers in maintaining healthy, gorgeous hedges to add to the visual of your garden. Our team of hedge planters and trimmers have a keen eye and also the very best tools for the art of precision hedge cutting.

Hedge Trimming in Bristol

It is very important to cut back well-established hedges to keep them healthy, thick, and compact. We are able to provide skilled hedge trimming in Bristol as one of our various services. Our staff can mould any sized hedge to your specifications. Hedge trimming is ideally avoided from March to August as this is the main breeding season for nesting birds.

Formative pruning is required for the initial two years of a brand-new hedge’s life. Right after your hedge is established, it will require maintenance trimming. The regularity depends on the type of hedge you have. Unconstrained hedges do not require pruning as regularly- normally once a year or even much less. Professional hedges will require constant trimming to preserve their form. Depending on the varieties, this can be two times or thrice a year. Boundary hedges need to be cut back so that they do not impede pedestrian access on the pavement.

Exactly how we trim back, hinges on how you would like your hedge to be shaped. Preferably, we thin out the hedge sides a little toward the top to enable rainfall and also sunshine to make it to the lower foliage. Nevertheless, some customers have a distinct shape in mind. We can cater to your personal taste with viable suggestions as necessary.

Unskilled cutting can leave the tips looking woody and not able to generate new growth. Specific factors for flowering and fruiting hedges, need additional consideration. Over-pruning a fruiting hedge can cause it to lose its fruit. Trimming the last year’s growth will prevent blooming. We will further guide on how best to prune young hedges to motivate lower branch growth so that your hedge is thick right from the base. If you have an old hedge peppered with holes, we can assist to reinvigorate it with suitable laying and also coppicing to boost fresh development. If your hedge is severely disordered, it can sometimes need replacing. We will level with you if we think this is the very best approach.

Hedge Cutting Rules for Bristol

It is important to be conscious that there are certain legislation around hedge cutting in the Uk, which also applies of course in Bristol. As an example, some fully grown hedgerows are protected by regulation. This does not generally impinge on garden hedges. Both neighbours are generally responsible for boundary hedges. Both should settle on any major work, consisting of coppicing, laying or removal of the hedge. If the hedge is within your boundary you possess it. Your neighbour will at that point just have the right to cut any part of the hedge that infringes over the border line. In this situation, you should really ask your neighbour for authorisation to enter their property to cut down your hedge. Your neighbour has the right to cut back roots that grow onto their property, yet they do not have the right to use chemicals that would destroy your hedge.

Whilst any type of wild bird is constructing or using a nest, it must be noted that it would be an infraction if their nests were deliberately destroyed or damaged and their eggs, chicks or adults intentionally hurt or killed in the process of trimming your hedge. Our highly-trained arborists keep up-to-date when it comes to the policies, but for your own property, it is definitely advisable talk to your area council for the latest laws.

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