How to Choose the Right Tree Surgeon For Your Project

What is a Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon is responsible for the general care, treatment and maintenance of trees. An appropriately-trained, skilled and professional tree surgeon is able to tackle tree work which includes pruning, felling, stump grinding, stump removal, planting and carrying out hazard assessments on trees. Top Tree Surgeons Bristol have an experienced and professional team of tree surgeons  that hold all the necessary certifications and insurances. We also abide by the health and safety guidelines set by the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group.

Tree surgeons removing a tree

What Should You Hire a Tree Surgeon For?

Qualified tree surgeons are competent in performing the following jobs:

  • Felling or cutting parts of a tree or removing entire trees that are diseased
  • Pruning trees to stimulate healthy growth
  • Grinding and removing a tree stump to eliminate suckering and new growth
  • Produce tree surveys typically when local authorities (BS5837:2012) require an assessment of the impact a development might have on affected trees and vegetation
  • Hedge trimming
  • Tree planting

What Should You Take into Consideration When Hiring a Tree Surgeon

Look for Relevant Qualifications

As with any work you need completed, it pays to first ascertain whether the tree surgeon that you are considering hiring is suitably qualified to carry out the work you require. Tree work calls for technical competency backed by experience and professionalism. Poor quality tree work can damage your trees that have taken years to grow, cause damage to your property and injury to people. Tree surgery is not regulated and does not demand a set of qualifications. As you can imagine, it has opened up the industry to cowboy operators with a chainsaw.

At the very least, demand to see their NPTC/Lantra certifications in arboriculture. NPTC is the most common qualification. They should also hold additional skills and machinery certificates in

  • Felling small, medium and large trees
  • Climbing trees and perform aerial rescue
  • Using a chainsaw from a rope and harness
  • Operating a stump grinder operations
  • Performing brushwood chipper operations
  • Carrying out pruning operations
  • Undertaking sectional felling

Appropriately qualified tree surgeons should be able to provide you with an ID that confirms the type of work that they are qualified to perform.

Check Their Health and Safety Processes and Insurances

Request proof that health and safety precautions will be followed. They should carry at least £15m of public liability insurance in case an unfortunate incident occurs on site.

Do they Comply With British Standard Tree Work?

Ask the contractor what standards they work in accordance with. Their response should be British Standard BS3998 which is the recommended standard for Tree Work.

Check Health and Safety and Follow Up Relevant References

It is always a great idea to request references from their customers who have had similar work carried out and then follow up on those references.

Request At Least Three Written Quotes

Get at least three written quotes that detail the scope and specifics of the work to be carried out. Ensure the quote includes specifics on the disposal of any waste from your property. Would that be included in the price or would you need to pay extra? What happens to the waste once it leaves your property? How will it be disposed of responsibly? Does the work require getting permission from the Council? Who will be responsible for obtaining that permission?

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