About Us

Who Are We?

We are a well-established, pleasant and close-knit bunch of incredibly skilled and also NPTC-trained tree surgeons. We are thoroughly qualified for all the types of tree assignments we handle and even hold additional approved certifications for chainsaw operation, climbing and aerial rigging and first aid. Over many years, we have undertaken numerous home and commercial tree projects of different complexities, in accordance to BS3998, the British Standard for Tree Work. We have dealt with property development sites, for institutions, local councils, utility companies and hospitals.

We take pleasure in delivering a range of quality tree service and constantly try to utilize our skills, knowledge and also experience to aid our customers attain the best results. Tree work can be high risk, noisy, untidy as well as disruptive. A part of our project management is not only minimising the risks and disruption but maintaining clear communication with our customers, surrounding neighbours (when called for), whilst finishing the job to a high level.

Health and Safety

Tree work can be a complex as well as high accident-fraught project that requires the consideration of the safety of persons and also use of machinery on someone else’s’s property where room may be cramped and structures and obstructions in the way. We consider the safety and protection of our staff and your property to be extremely important. We follow the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group standard operating procedures as well as strict health and safety standards. Our staff are typically in Personal Protective Equipment when undertaking work on site. We do extensive examinations of our equipment and gear on a regular basis to lower as much as possible the threats and dangers inherent in working with them. We in addition hold ₤ 5 million in public liability insurance, which also provides employee and accidental cover. Although that is normal in the sector, not all tree service operators have the requisite training to do all types of tree work so their insurance coverage might not cover them for the job that you are employing them for. So you might end up without cover if an incident take place onsite.

Transparent Pricing

There are no undisclosed extras when we estimate or cost your jobs. Our quotes as well as rates are clear and explicit. Whatever we quotation you is all that you will at any time pay, unless obviously the nature or span of the job shifts. Our staff is readily accessible to take you through your quote or invoice in case you have any objections about them.

Commitment to the Natural Environment

We aim to perform our tree work in a fashion that is sensitive to the local wildlife, surrounding trees and properties. For instance when chopping down a tree, we do so in pieces lowering each section to the ground in a controlled fashion with ropes or tools. We typically try to recycle 100 per cent of our timber waste to make sure that absolutely nothing is squandered.

Our process

Interested in using us for some domestic or business tree work? Our process is simple:

Contact Our team: 0117 325 4949.
Speak to one of our experienced tree specialists on our team for some complimentary recommendations or to schedule a no charge no-obligation site visit. We are available from 8.30 am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Set Up a Site Visit

We are typically able to meet you and carry out a site appointment within 24 hr of you getting ahold of our crew. We’ll discuss the job you want completed, assess the site and advise on what is achievable as well as the estimated duration of the job.

Receive a No-Obligation Price Quote

We will send out through an in-depth quotation with straightforward and inclusive rates. If you have any concerns about the quotation, our tree services staff are normally available to take your call.

Undertake the Tree Work

We show up nice and timely on site to complete the work. You will see our crew to be extremely prepared, drilled, efficient and orderly. Some of our clients have delighted in being seated at a distance and following our entire operation kick into a hive of activity.


Contact our professional tree surgeons for the most reliable tree solution. We provide free complimentary site advice and can also deliver a no-obligation quote within 24 hours.